Rosary Around The Lake


Pre-sale for t-shirts has closed! All shirts that were purchased by September 20th will be ready in time for the event. 

T-shirts can be picked up in the conference room of the Bishop Perry Building located at 411 Iris Street in Lake Charles.  Pick up times are Oct. 1st from noon to 6pm and Oct. 2nd and 3rd from 9am to 6pm

If you opted to have your shirt mailed to you - please know you will receive it in the mail by Thursday October 4th!

For more information about the event please visit

Here is a little bit more information:

I’ve missed the deadline for ordering t-shirts. Can I still participate?

Yes! Here is how:

  1. Find your own shirts: blue shirts to represent “Hail Mary” beads and gold shirts to represent the “Our Father” beads. “McNeese blue” and “McNeese gold” should be close enough. Plan to arrive at 1 PM, so we can get you organized into a “decade.”
  2. Organize your own team. Assemble a team of ten in blue to represent “Hail Mary” beads, with one person in gold to represent the “Our Father” bead. Register ahead of time, so we can tell you where your group should stand. Arriving at 2 PM on October 7 should be plenty of time.
  3. Just show up! We will find a place for you, no matter what you are wearing, don’t you worry!

I can’t see myself standing up for the whole Rosary. Can I still participate?

You sure can! You can sit and be part of the audience at the Amphitheater.  Bring a chair or other seating for yourself. Feel free to bring water or snacks.

I’m not Catholic. Can I still participate?

You can join us in prayer in any way that you feel called.

Do you need volunteers? We sure do! You can sign up on the website. 

Can I get a shirt the day of the event? Maybe: we’ll have some on hand, but we can’t promise…


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